It should not remain a concept and fiction, but succeed in taking the step into reality. The most suitable approaches are those that make the numerous socio-ecological alternatives tangible and, in the truest sense of the word, graspable. These can be model projects initiated directly by Equilibrism e. V., inspiring third parties to do so, or by incorporating individual approaches into existing projects.

An ecological showcase could prove that our modern society can exist in harmony with nature without having to forgo comfort. The best prerequisites are provided by independent islands that have a manageable economic area as well as political and social stability, but also have to master ecological and economic problems. However, you can read about how difficult such an undertaking is under Model- Project.

The idea is that, together with experts from the individual socio-ecological alternatives and students from various universities, the site will first be cleared of possible contaminants, which, depending on their nature, will be disposed of in an ecologically compatible way. After that, theoretically nothing stands in the way of the actual model project:

The five foundations of life of our modern society….

  • Energy,
  • Mobility,
  • Housing,
  • Clothing and
  • Food

…should be created in harmony with nature and in regional economic cycles. As soon as basic needs are satisfied, political and social reforms in the areas of health, education, spirituality, monetary and land management can follow.